Tuesday, 31 May 2011

What stalks the streets of your city at night?

Do you live in a city - a concrete jungle of skyscrapers where it's easy to get lost at night, in a maze of identical streets? Do you know the people who live in your block of flats - do you really know them? Do you sometimes think that somebody, or something, is following you home and watching you through your windows?

The "Urban Horror Special" from Morpheus Tales won't help your bad case of city jitters, but you really should read it anyway - you need to know what's out there - in the streets of your city...

My tale of urban suspense, "Noisy Neighbours", is included in this must have issue of Morpheus Tales.


Isabel Storey said...

Just to say "Hi". Wishing I could find out how to reduce number of blogs I am "following" over the years so that those which remain (and yours is one) are those I can keep up with.

Cameron Trost said...

Thanks for the support, Isabel. The good news is that I don't blog too often - usually just to announce that one of my stories has been accepted or published.