The Oscar Tremont Mysteries

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Who is Oscar Tremont, Investigator of the Strange and Inexplicable?
He is a private investigator who solves seemingly inexplicable puzzles. He is a dichotomy of Victorian charm and progressive spirit. He has a keen intellect, is a master of disguise, is rather fond of whisky, and has a tendency to enter buildings illegally while working on a case. He uncovers secrets, but he also has many of his own. With every new adventure, you'll grow to understand this complex chap a little more.

Oscar Tremont, Investigator of the Strange and Inexplicable
The Hunt for the Stayne Fortune (forthcoming)
The Witch at the Window (in progress)
The Secret of the Severed Hand (in progress)

The Oscar Tremont Puzzles
The Impossible Theft (in progress)
The Painting and the Password (in progress)
The Adventure of Woodbury Barrow (in progress)
The Case of the Ghost Slipper (in progress)
The Mystery of Morvan Manor (in progress)
...and more are on the way

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Unknown said...

Cameron, I am going into Amazon to see what I can see, as they say. Your descriptions intrigue me, and I know my mother may be interested in some of these also. Mom is a fan, too, of the stories about Sherlock and his wife Mary. Anyway, off I go, and thank you.