Book Reviews

Calling fellow authors and publishers of puzzling, disturbing, and gripping tales!

On this page you'll find a list of books I've been asked to review. If you'd like me to review your book, simply get in touch using the contact details here and use "Book Review Suggestion" as the subject if you send an email. I prefer PDF files but will consider other ebook files. If I read and enjoy your book, I'll leave a review here and on Goodreads. I generally finish and review books I feel deserve between three and five stars, equating to good, very good, or excellent. I'm particularly interested in short story collections, anthologies, and shorter novels in the genres of mystery, suspense, post-apocalytpic, and horror.

If you are a book reviewer interested in obtaining ebook copies of my work, I'm more than happy to reciprocate.


When the Cicadas Stop Singing by Zachary Ashford (post-apocalyptic novella)

Fortitude by Karen Bayly (steampunk novel)