Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Urban Adventure and Subterranean Sex

Ah, the wonders of underemployment and drizzling rain! Today is without doubt the most productive writing day I've had since my wordfest in Walhalla late last year (when I penned about 40,000 words of the third novella in a quirky mystery series I'm working on in just three days). This morning, I finished the first draft of my novel-in-progress. It's an epic tale of urban adventure, social tension, shoplifting and burglary, subterranean politics, love, sex, fear, curiosity and so much more that is set in - and under! - the streets of Brisbane. At 76,000 words this is the longest draft I've ever written and, although I have no doubt that short fiction will always be my fetish, it feels great to have embarked upon a journey with the characters in this story and watched them grow as they grapple with the ups and downs of a dramatic chapter in their lives. But it's not over yet, this is only the first draft. The characters need to be developed more and their individuality reinforced through their words and actions. There needs to be more saucy sex and conversation so profound that I put the entire French film industry to shame. Once that is done, there will be prose to be polished and (let's be honest) countless typos to be corrected... the second draft is going to be hard work. Wish me luck and pour me a glass of scotch!

In other news, my short horror story "The Lutwyche Carnivore" is going to be published later this month in issue two of Fever Dreams Ezine. In the meantime, the inaugural issue is well worth a read. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi mate,

That's certainly a feverish amount of words! Sometimes the ideas come out that way though - it's like busting an artery and just watching the blood flow.

Keep it up.