Friday, 28 February 2014

The Church of Asag

"The Church of Asag" is a very strange tale. It teeters at the cliff edge that separates the uncanny from the supernatural, asking the reader to decide whether or not the plunge has been taken.

Gary Inglewood, a CSIRO scientist, moves from Brisbane to Isisford with his family for a work project. They find themselves in a quiet backwater where the townsfolk seem peculiar, to say the least. But it's when a couple of locals come to talk to the Inglewood family about the town church and its 'conversion' that things really get surreal.

Issue 13 of SQ Mag features tales by Jeremy C Shipp, J R Johnson, Dan Rabarts, Brian G Ross, Megan Neumann, Tom Barlow, and Patricia Russo. The chilling cover illustration is by Steve G Santiago.

You can read the issue for free, but donations are greatly appreciated: SQ MAG #13


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