Friday, 10 July 2020

Cleopatra's Ghost

It has been quite a while between posts, and I must apologise for that, but as I'm sure you're all aware, I've been busy with the launch of The Black Beacon Book of Mystery. This is our d├ębut anthology and it includes the second Oscar Tremont novella, "The Ghosts of Walhalla". After solving the mystery of the Stayne fortune, Oscar and Louise head to Victoria for a well-deserved holiday. They go camping in a ghost town called, Walhalla, but when Oscar's sleep is disturbed by a vehicle in the middle of the night, soon followed by a ghostly crying coming from the surrounding woodlands, he knows mischief is afoot! You'll find full details on the website, or you can buy a copy directly through Amazon.

In other news, my short suspense story, "Cleopatra's Mystery Box", was published by ID Press in their anthology, Nefariam: The Element of Crime. The book is separated into sections based on different motives. My story is one of revenge.

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