Friday, 18 April 2008

Digging in the Garden

Good and bad news today, I'll save the best for last so here's the bad. I had a story rejected by the acclaimed Australian publication Borderlands today, the feedback was quite positive and I will certainly try again in the near future, enough said. On to the good news. My short tale of psychological torment Digging in the Garden has been published by The Beat e-zine. I came across this British site and liked what I read there so decided to give it a shot myself. Please read it, you only need five minutes, and feel free to tell me what you think.


Felicity Dowker said...

Hi Trost,

Commiserations on the rejection from Borderlands. I tend to expect every response to be a rejection (it protects my fragile little heart), and so I set my sights on receiving valuable feedback. Sounds like you got some - well done.

Nice work on "Digging in the Garden". I read it and left a comment on the site. Your writing style is quite definitive. I like it. =)

Keep writing and blogging,


Cameron Trost said...

Thanks Felicity, glad you liked the story, I can't remember how I came up with the idea but when it crawled into my mind I felt it was worth being written down. I'm going to The Beat now to check out your comment.
All the best with your writing as well as 'real' life. Btw. great review of AntiSF on your blog, I'm looking forward to reading your contribution in July.