Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Waste Disposal

I've had a few rejections in the last couple of weeks, that's life, but I'm pleased to announce that Waste Disposal will grace the AntipodeanSF site in August (issue 123). I'll tell you more about that as the year grows older but I'd just like to say I love this snippet of flash fiction and it's certainly original (once you've read it you will understand why I say this, but if you tell me it reminds you of something else you read once upon a time on the back of a cereal packet that you found in your neighbour's rubbish bin I might cry... in which case I will be sure to post the photos of myself pathetically weeping on this very blog).
By the way, if you haven't read the post below and followed it to the Brimstone Press site and ordered your copy of Black Box you need to seriously question your sanity (or insanity as the case may be)... so do it!

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Felicity Dowker said...

Congrats - looking forward to seeing Waste Disposal in AntiSF in August. =)