Saturday, 29 June 2013

Associations and Anthologies

As an "emerging" writer, and one who hopes to outgrow that tag one day, being a member of writers' associations is an important way of building a network. Interaction with fellow scribes, as well as editors, librarians, bookshop owners, bloggers and journalists, is invaluable. I am a member of several writers' associations and groups, including the Australian Horror Writers' Association, the Queensland Writers' Centre, and the Short Fiction Writers' Guild... and all three have just launched new projects to promote members' writing.

The Australian Horror Writers' Association is in the process of setting up state communities to encourage the association's members to be more active all around the nation. Queensland is the first state to set one up and I have volunteered for the role of State Leader. With the Brisbane Writers' Festival and GenreCon coming up later in the year, I'm working on getting us involved in activities and promotions to coincide with these events. A horror tour of Brisbane and a membership drive are a couple of ideas that we're working on right now. If you're attending either of these events, stay tuned!

On Tuesday the 2nd of July, the Queensland Writers' Centre is going to launch a catalogue of books by writers from the sunshine state. It's aptly called "Books from our Backyard" and will be available in print and as a pdf file. You'll have it thrust at you wherever you go; online, at the State Library of Queensland, at council libraries, and at independent bookshops all around Brisbane. Naturally, Hoffman's Creeper and Other Disturbing Tales will be included. This is a wonderful initiative from the QWC that will give all of the writers whose work is featured a great deal of publicity. Thanks to Sharon Phillips and the crew!

Lastly, the Short Fiction Writers' Guild will launch an anthology of tales written by its members in July. I love anthologies and the variety of style and subject matter they offer the reader, so I am really looking forward to the launch of this publication. It will include a haunting piece by yours truly called, "The House of Shattered Lives". More on that coming soon.

If you want any further information about any of these associations or projects, just leave me a message.    

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