Saturday, 5 October 2013

Books at Stones

Nowadays it takes no more than the click of a button or two to download an ebook or order a paperback with cheap international delivery. That's great news for relatively unknown authors such as myself because it provides a means of getting our work to readers all around the world. All the same, I find that it's far more pleasurable to head down to your local independent bookshop for a browse of the shelves and a chat with like-minded souls. As anybody who has read my short fiction will know, Brisbane is my hometown and features heavily in my work. That's why I've organised to have Hoffman's Creeper and Other Disturbing Tales stocked at two of Brisbane's finest independent bookshops.

Do you live on the north side?
Then Black Cat Books in Paddington is the place to go.

Is the south side your haunt?
Then Books at Stones in Stones Corner now stocks my collection.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there! Twenty-three dark and twisted tales are just begging to be read.

                                                             Books at Stones, 1/360 Logan Rd in Stones Corner

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