Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The Man behind the Shadows

It's Christmas soon - very soon - and bookworms know what that means, right? Yes, you got it, ghost story time! "The Sorrowful Wife" is one of three ghost stories of mine to be published in 2016; an eerie accomplishment that took me by surprise. Mark Nixon, the editor of Shadows at the Door, which is a fully illustrated hardcover anthology of new ghost tales in the old tradition, has kindly accepted to answer a few questions for you, the fan of all things phantasmal.

1. What inspired you to produce Shadows at the Door? 
A love of classical horror and sharing stories. Ghost Stories are meant to be shared, and that's exactly why was founded. To tell new and terrifying horror stories in an accessible way. Of course, after a while, fans of the site began to call out for a published book featuring their favourite authors, and I'm nothing if not a servant to them.

2. Where did the idea for the title come from?
Shadows at the Door represents what I believe is the true strength of horror: the implied. Once you see a monster, or a killer, fear can be deconstructed, you can plan, spot weaknesses and so on. But the unknown? A silhouette stood at the foot of your bed? Well, that could be anything, and that's terrifying! Anyone who has been home alone and spotted an unknown shadow at the door knows true fear.

3. Why would the anthology make for a great Christmas gift?
Ghost Stories are a quintessential part of Christmas, it's one of life's great pleasures to sit by the fire and read a pleasing terror. M.R. James in particular continued this tradition and many of the stories in the anthology are inspired by him. It's also a beautifully presented book, and a handsome addition to any bookshelf.

4. What are your other (not in this anthology) favourite ghost stories?
How much time do you have? I'll limit myself to some favourites such as Oh Whistle and I'll Come to you My Lad, The Signalman, Rats, Canon Alberic''s Scrapbook, The Monkey's Paw, The Upper Berth, The Mezzotint, Number 13 and controversially, The Price as I'd like to think it counts as a ghost story.

5. Where can we grab a copy of the anthology?
Hardbacks can be bought on the Shadows at the Door website, and the ebook is coming to Amazon before Christmas. The fully scored Audiobook is due in the near year!

Thank you, Mark.

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