Friday, 2 November 2018

The Devil's Windmill

The Windmill Pact, my retelling of a Breton legend, is now available in Thuggish Itch: Devilish, accompanied by an unholy host of diabolic tales. You can find it on Amazon or on the Gypsum Sound Tales website.

More about Thuggish Itch: Devilish from the editor:

Devils, demons and the idea of Hell have always featured prominently in the horror stories that I found myself reading as a teenager or the films I still delve into on a rainy day. I’ve always found it quite amazing how differently the leading man, Satan, is portrayed depending on the creativity and beliefs of the creator. Thuggish Itch’s Devilish collection features, in no particular order, thirteen of our favourite tales, each of which provides a different take on the mythology, the red man himself and all of his minions.

Where is the Devil's Windmill?

The Devil's Windmill stands just outside the town of Guérande, which I refer to by its Breton name, Gwenrann, in my story. How much of the legend is true is up to you to decide. If you go there, chances are you won't meet the devil. The area is actually picturesque and the windmill is now part of a crêperie, so the only thing devilish ought to be the food and cider. 
Kalon Digor! Bon appétit!

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